Stairs & Hills

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Group Workouts...RUN: Stairs & Hills

Monday Nights...630pm...January to October
Coached by Mark DesLauriers, Elke Popp

These coached workouts appeal to athletes of all ages and ability. They are progressive, so you can get the optimal workout for your current level of fitness and flexibility. We often use skipping ropes in between our intervals to enhance the workout. We will do stairs every second week, and one of fourĀ hill courses on the alternating weeks. If you want to improve your strength, power, and endurance, come on out Monday nights. Check our Club Calendar for exact location each week.

Benefits of Running Stairs
A 2005 study published in the "British Journal of Sports Medicine" demonstrated the benefits of stair exercise. Just by walking stairs, participants were able to improve their V02 max, or the measurement of their aerobic fitness, by 17 percent. Running stairs amplifies this increase while allowing runners to use their muscles in a running-specific motion, which can help to increase strength, power and overall endurance.

Benefits of Running Hills
A 2013 study published in the "International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance" found that runners who focused on adding hills to their training were able to improve their 5k race times by 2 percent. Running up hills requires you to lift your knees higher and helps to develop your muscle fibers. In turn, you increase your speed and overall power, which can result in significant pace improvements. The intensity of hill running helps you to improve your running economy, or your body's efficiency in using oxygen. This will come in handy when you face a hill in the later stages of a race.